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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the variegated roller yell?
(a) Help Me
(b) Love Me
(c) Kappapoi
(d) Kappi

2. Gilgamesh raises his voice like what animal crying for her young?
(a) A lioness
(b) A bear
(c) A wolf
(d) A bird

3. Irkalla is the queen of what?
(a) The forest
(b) The sea
(c) The heavens
(d) The underworld

4. When does Gilgamesh begin mourning for Enkidu?
(a) At midnight
(b) At noon
(c) At morning's first glimmer
(d) At sunset

5. On what side did Gilgamesh give Enkidu a seat?
(a) The left
(b) Behind him
(c) The right
(d) In front of him

6. What does the old man tell Gilgamesh when he reaches the opposite shore?
(a) That Utnapishtim is not there
(b) That everyone dies
(c) That Gilgamesh must die in order to bring Enkidu back to life
(d) That Gilgamesh is trapped in the underworld

7. Who is Urshanabi?
(a) The goddess of the sea
(b) Shamash's ferryman
(c) A demon Gilgamesh must kill
(d) Utnapishtim's ferryman

8. What type of demons will pull Gilgamesh's chariot?
(a) Wind
(b) Storm
(c) Earth
(d) Water

9. Which four gods argue over Gilgamesh and Enkidu?
(a) Shamash, Anu, Eamon, Ninsun
(b) Ea, Anu, Enlil and Shamash
(c) Ea, Shamash, Enlil, Ninsun
(d) Ishtar, Anu, Anil, Shamash

10. What did Gilgamesh think would bring Enkidu back to life?
(a) A sacrifice to the gods
(b) The great statue
(c) His lamenting
(d) A journey to Utnapishtim

11. What does Gilgamesh do with the horns of the bull of heaven?
(a) Hangs them in the temple
(b) Hangs them in his throne room
(c) Sacrifices them to Shamash
(d) Hangs them above the door to his palace

12. What does Urshanabi say will happen if the waters touch a man?
(a) He will sink to the bottom of the sea.
(b) He will die.
(c) He will become very ill.
(d) He will grow old.

13. How far down does the mountain reach?
(a) The otherside of the world
(b) The bottom of the sea
(c) The top of the temple in Uruk
(d) Into the Underworld

14. What happens when Enkidu enters the underworld?
(a) He is taken away.
(b) He is sent to heaven.
(c) He is placed in chains.
(d) He is told to return to Uruk.

15. What is made for Siduri?
(a) A golden mashing vat
(b) A golden crown
(c) A golden statue
(d) A golden garment

Short Answer Questions

1. Who guards the mountain?

2. How does Gilgamesh check to see if Enkidu is still alive?

3. What other name does Enkidu call the courtesan?

4. Who notices Gilgamesh's beauty after he has cleaned himself?

5. In what river do the two men wash their hands?

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