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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many layers of armor does Humbaba usually wear?
(a) One
(b) Six
(c) Seven
(d) Ten

2. Which god is said to have her throne in the Cedar Forest?
(a) Shamash
(b) Courtesan
(c) Ninsun
(d) Irnini

3. What happens when Gilgamesh and Enkidu fight?
(a) Enkdiu takes the new bride for himself.
(b) Gilgamesh kills Enkidu.
(c) Enkidu kills Gilgamesh.
(d) They become friends because they are equals.

4. How many days would it take a mortal man to travel as far as Gilgamesh and Enkidu cover in fifty double hours?
(a) Three weeks
(b) Twelve days
(c) A week
(d) A month and fifteen days

5. Where do Gilgamesh and Enkidu go to contemplate their course of action and interpret Gilgamesh's dreams?
(a) The river
(b) The temple
(c) The forest
(d) The plain

6. What is the name of the temple where Gilgamesh and Enkidu go to pray?
(a) Saechean
(b) Ninsun
(c) Urukai
(d) Egalmah

7. How long are Enkidu and the woman together?
(a) A fortnight
(b) One night
(c) An hour
(d) A week

8. With whom does Enkidu live?
(a) The woman
(b) A group of shepherds
(c) A pack of wolves
(d) The gods

9. How does Enkidu feel about the journey into the forest?
(a) He is excited to get out of Uruk.
(b) He hopes to see the shepherds again.
(c) He plans to kill Humbaba himself.
(d) He is worried about the quest.

10. Why does Enkidu go to a celebration in Uruk?
(a) To dance with the woman
(b) Because he wants to be part of the celebration
(c) To stop Gilgamesh from sleeping with a new bride
(d) To eat at the feast

11. What is the woman called who seduces Enkidu?
(a) The courtesan
(b) Eanna
(c) The courtier
(d) The harlot

12. Where does Gilgamesh vow to throw Humbaba's body?
(a) In Ishtar's castle
(b) In the river
(c) On the plain
(d) At the gods

13. Who do the elders counsel Gilgamesh to let lead the way?
(a) The shepherds
(b) The animals
(c) The gods
(d) Enkidu

14. What do the axe and meteorite signify in relationship to Enkidu?
(a) They are weapons Gilgamesh will use to destroy Uruk
(b) They are elements of the relationship between Enkidu and Gilgamesh
(c) They are weapons Enkidu will use to kill Gilgamesh
(d) They predict how he will die

15. Line 42 at the end of Tablet 4 is called what kind of line?
(a) A catch-line
(b) A culminating line
(c) A final-line
(d) A imaginary line

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Humbaba do to make Gilgamesh afraid?

2. Who does Gilgamesh's mother pray to for protection for her son?

3. Who pulls Gilgamesh from under the toppled mountain in his dream?

4. At what time of night does Gilgamesh awaken Enkidu to tell him about his dream?

5. Who does Gilgamesh ask to bring him a dream? Or another reference for Shamash?

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