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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gilgamesh say will happen if Humbaba kills him?
(a) Enkidu will have to kill Humbaba.
(b) Gilgamesh will burn down the forest.
(c) The people of Uruk will hunt down the demon.
(d) Gilgamesh's name will live on forever.

2. What happens to Enkidu's hand when he tries to open the gate?
(a) It turns to stone
(b) It is badly burned
(c) It falls off
(d) It is paralyzed

3. How long are Enkidu and the woman together?
(a) One night
(b) A week
(c) A fortnight
(d) An hour

4. To whom do the people of Uruk pray?
(a) Anubis
(b) Anu
(c) God
(d) Allah

5. Why does Enkidu go to a celebration in Uruk?
(a) To dance with the woman
(b) To eat at the feast
(c) To stop Gilgamesh from sleeping with a new bride
(d) Because he wants to be part of the celebration

6. Who interprets Gilgamesh's dreams?
(a) Enkidu
(b) The shepherds
(c) Humbaba
(d) Shamash

7. What does Enkidu have knowledge of after being with the woman?
(a) Man
(b) God
(c) The world
(d) Good and Evil

8. Who reminds Gilgamesh of his boast in Uruk?
(a) Ishtar
(b) Shamash
(c) Ninsun
(d) Enkidu

9. Line 42 at the end of Tablet 4 is called what kind of line?
(a) A catch-line
(b) A final-line
(c) A imaginary line
(d) A culminating line

10. Who appointed Humbaba protector of the forest?
(a) Shamash
(b) Ninsun
(c) Enlil
(d) Anu

11. What is a recension?
(a) A revision of a text
(b) A period of extreme famine
(c) A time when water recedes after a flood
(d) A time of economic depression

12. The tale of Gilgamesh is carved on what type of stone?
(a) Iron Ore
(b) Quartz
(c) Copper
(d) Lapis

13. Where does Gilgamesh see the ax in his dream?
(a) The marketplace
(b) His bedroom
(c) The wilderness
(d) The temple

14. By what phrase does Enkidu refer to Ninsun?
(a) goddess of the sky
(b) Wild cow
(c) Queen of men
(d) Mighty princess

15. What is another name for the cedar forest?
(a) The end of the world
(b) The home of Shamash
(c) The dwelling place of the gods
(d) Utnapishtim's stronghold

Short Answer Questions

1. Humbaba asks Gilgamesh to not do what to him?

2. This person is created to keep Gilgamesh occupied.

3. Gilgamesh thinks he is entitled to do what with new brides?

4. Who is Ninsun?

5. In Gilgamesh's second dream what does he see?

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