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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who interprets Gilgamesh's dreams?
(a) The shepherds
(b) Enkidu
(c) Humbaba
(d) Shamash

2. Who do the elders send to protect Gilgamesh?
(a) Twenty men from Uruk
(b) Enkidu and Gilgamesh's mother
(c) The Shepherds
(d) Enkidu

3. Where is Enkidu raised?
(a) The wilderness
(b) With the gods
(c) In a city full of Gilgamesh's enemies
(d) Uruk

4. This person is created to keep Gilgamesh occupied.
(a) Enkidu
(b) Gilganu
(c) Allah
(d) Anuk

5. How many goblets of strong drink does Enkidu drink after the courtesan teaches him to drink properly?
(a) Two
(b) Seven
(c) Ten
(d) Sixteen

6. What is another name for the cedar forest?
(a) The end of the world
(b) The dwelling place of the gods
(c) The home of Shamash
(d) Utnapishtim's stronghold

7. The elders tell Gilgamesh that he is young and __________ has carried him away in proposing to battle Humbaba.
(a) His pride
(b) His heart
(c) His fear
(d) Enkidu's friendship

8. Who helps Enkidu and Gilgamesh defeat Humbaba?
(a) The shepherds
(b) Animals in the forest
(c) Shamash
(d) They do not defeat Humbaba.

9. How does Gilgamesh say that Enkidu's paralysis will end?
(a) By sacrificing to Shamash
(b) By bathing in the Euphrates river
(c) By killing Humbaba
(d) If they go into the forest together

10. What do the axe and meteorite signify in relationship to Enkidu?
(a) They are weapons Gilgamesh will use to destroy Uruk
(b) They are elements of the relationship between Enkidu and Gilgamesh
(c) They are weapons Enkidu will use to kill Gilgamesh
(d) They predict how he will die

11. What is the woman called who seduces Enkidu?
(a) Eanna
(b) The courtesan
(c) The harlot
(d) The courtier

12. What do the eight winds do to Humbaba?
(a) Blow down the trees on top of him
(b) Blow him to the underworld
(c) Immobilize him
(d) Blow him into the sea

13. How far does Enkidu say the cedar forest extends?
(a) A thousand acres
(b) One hundred acres
(c) A distance of ten thousand double-hours
(d) Ten thousand miles

14. Line 42 at the end of Tablet 4 is called what kind of line?
(a) A final-line
(b) A culminating line
(c) A catch-line
(d) A imaginary line

15. What two things does Enkidu do that make him like a man?
(a) Eats bread and sleeps with the woman
(b) Annoints his body with oil and puts on his garment
(c) Kills a lion and drinks strong wine
(d) Cuts down the forest and kills the wolves

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the people of Uruk say about Enkidu when they first see him?

2. What does Humbaba do to make Gilgamesh afraid?

3. What is a recension?

4. What does Enkidu tell Gilgamesh is guarding the Cedar Forest?

5. To whom do the people of Uruk pray?

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