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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many layers of armor has Humbaba put on when Gilgamesh and Enkidu arrive at the gate to the forest?
(a) Seven
(b) Ten
(c) Six
(d) One

2. Humbaba's mouth and breath are like what?
(a) A cave and hell
(b) Death and thunder
(c) Fire and Lightening
(d) Fire and death

3. Why do the gods create Enkidu?
(a) To rule Uruk
(b) To kill Gilgamesh
(c) To balance Gilgamesh's weaknesses
(d) To spend time with the woman

4. What is the name of the god to whom Ninsun prays?
(a) Egalmah
(b) Shamain
(c) Saecean
(d) Shamash

5. Gilgamesh thinks he is entitled to do what with new brides?
(a) Keep them as slaves
(b) Toast at their wedding
(c) Kiss them before the groom does
(d) Spend the night with them

6. What is another phrase for sleep?
(a) The long goodbye
(b) The outpouring of the night
(c) The long kiss goodnight
(d) The time of the gods

7. Why does Enkidu not like living in the city?
(a) Because he feels weak and idle
(b) Because he does not have a house of his own
(c) Because he misses the shepherds
(d) Because he prefers sleeping outside

8. Who reminds Gilgamesh of his boast in Uruk?
(a) Ishtar
(b) Ninsun
(c) Shamash
(d) Enkidu

9. What do the eight winds do to Humbaba?
(a) Immobilize him
(b) Blow him to the underworld
(c) Blow him into the sea
(d) Blow down the trees on top of him

10. What falls to the earth in Gilgamesh's dream?
(a) A meteorite
(b) The stars
(c) A child
(d) The sun

11. What is the name of the city Gilgamesh builds?
(a) Ukur
(b) Urukali
(c) Uruk
(d) Ruku

12. What is the woman called who seduces Enkidu?
(a) The harlot
(b) Eanna
(c) The courtesan
(d) The courtier

13. To whom do the people of Uruk pray?
(a) Anubis
(b) Allah
(c) Anu
(d) God

14. What happens to those who go to the cedar forest?
(a) The gate burns them
(b) Humbaba eats them
(c) Weakness overtakes them
(d) They are turned to stone

15. What does Gilgamesh do before Shamash each time they stop?
(a) Offers a sacrifice
(b) Digs a well
(c) Kneels to pray five times
(d) Drinks wine

Short Answer Questions

1. What university in Pennsylvania owns a large portion of the Gilgamesh tablets?

2. What does Humbaba do to make Gilgamesh afraid?

3. Humbaba promises to be Gilgamesh's what if left alive?

4. What does Gilgamesh do that awakens Humbaba?

5. What will supposedly make Enkidu lose his power?

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