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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who appointed Humbaba protector of the forest?
(a) Anu
(b) Ninsun
(c) Shamash
(d) Enlil

2. Gilgamesh is ____________, while Enkidu is _____________.
(a) humble, rash
(b) A man, A woman
(c) rash, humble
(d) young, old

3. What things do the shepherds teach Enkidu?
(a) To eat, talk and behave as people in the city do
(b) To tend sheep
(c) To stalk and kill animals
(d) To fight like a soldier

4. Where do Gilgamesh and Enkidu go to contemplate their course of action and interpret Gilgamesh's dreams?
(a) The river
(b) The forest
(c) The temple
(d) The plain

5. Who does Gilgamesh's mother pray to for protection for her son?
(a) Enkidu
(b) The god of the forest
(c) The sun god
(d) Humbaba

6. Who does Gilgamesh ask to bring him a dream? Or another reference for Shamash?
(a) Ocean
(b) Ninsun
(c) Mountain
(d) Ea

7. To whom do the people of Uruk pray?
(a) Allah
(b) Anu
(c) God
(d) Anubis

8. How many days does the journey to the Cedar Forest take?
(a) One week
(b) Six days
(c) One month
(d) Six months

9. With whom does Enkidu live?
(a) A pack of wolves
(b) The gods
(c) A group of shepherds
(d) The woman

10. From where does Gilgamesh's mother say his companion will come?
(a) The sky
(b) The gods
(c) The river
(d) The wilderness

11. What does the courtesan use to clothe Enkidu?
(a) Leaves from the forest
(b) The skins of animals
(c) Half of her own garment
(d) One of the shepherds cloaks

12. What is the name of the city Gilgamesh builds?
(a) Ukur
(b) Urukali
(c) Uruk
(d) Ruku

13. Humbaba asks Gilgamesh to not do what to him?
(a) Banish him from the forest
(b) Cut down all the trees
(c) Kill him
(d) Burn the forest down

14. What is another phrase for sleep?
(a) The long kiss goodnight
(b) The outpouring of the night
(c) The time of the gods
(d) The long goodbye

15. What does Enkidu forget when he is sitting before the courtesan?
(a) His own name
(b) Where he was born
(c) Who his parents are
(d) The courtesan's name

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Enkidu's hand when he tries to open the gate?

2. Why does Enkidu not like living in the city?

3. Humbaba promises to be Gilgamesh's what if left alive?

4. Who helps Enkidu and Gilgamesh defeat Humbaba?

5. Where does Gilgamesh see the ax in his dream?

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