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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Enkidu react to Gilgamesh's dreams?
(a) He says he fears they will come true
(b) He says they mean nothing
(c) He interprets them positively
(d) He has similar dreams

2. What will supposedly make Enkidu lose his power?
(a) Being seduced by a woman
(b) Fighting a giant
(c) Drinking wine
(d) Having his hair cut

3. How many goblets of strong drink does Enkidu drink after the courtesan teaches him to drink properly?
(a) Seven
(b) Two
(c) Ten
(d) Sixteen

4. Humbaba's mouth and breath are like what?
(a) Death and thunder
(b) Fire and Lightening
(c) Fire and death
(d) A cave and hell

5. Line 42 at the end of Tablet 4 is called what kind of line?
(a) A culminating line
(b) A catch-line
(c) A final-line
(d) A imaginary line

6. Where does Gilgamesh see the ax in his dream?
(a) The temple
(b) The wilderness
(c) The marketplace
(d) His bedroom

7. What does Gilgamesh's mother tell him the two dreams mean?
(a) That he will have a son
(b) That a companion is coming to help Gilgamesh
(c) That the city of Uruk will fall
(d) That his death is imminent

8. The elders tell Gilgamesh that he is young and __________ has carried him away in proposing to battle Humbaba.
(a) Enkidu's friendship
(b) His heart
(c) His pride
(d) His fear

9. What do the people of Uruk do with the axe in Gilgamesh's dream?
(a) Use it to kill Gilgamesh
(b) Throw it in the river
(c) Bury it
(d) Celebrate around it

10. What does Gilgamesh do that awakens Humbaba?
(a) Begins to cut down the cedars
(b) Blows a loud horn
(c) Shouts seven times
(d) Bangs on the forest gate

11. How many winds come against Humbaba?
(a) Five
(b) Two
(c) Ten
(d) Eight

12. Where does Gilgamesh vow to throw Humbaba's body?
(a) In Ishtar's castle
(b) In the river
(c) On the plain
(d) At the gods

13. What falls to the earth in Gilgamesh's dream?
(a) A meteorite
(b) The stars
(c) A child
(d) The sun

14. What is the name of the city Gilgamesh builds?
(a) Urukali
(b) Ukur
(c) Uruk
(d) Ruku

15. Which god is said to have her throne in the Cedar Forest?
(a) Irnini
(b) Courtesan
(c) Shamash
(d) Ninsun

Short Answer Questions

1. How many days does the journey to the Cedar Forest take?

2. What is stilled into silence when the men behold the forest?

3. What is a recension?

4. What things do the shepherds teach Enkidu?

5. In Gilgamesh's second dream what does he see?

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