The Epic of Gilgamesh Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Gilgamesh's character.

He is part god. Gilgamesh is a king of kings and a great hero. He is arrogant, proud and not very wise. He is unkind to his people forcing them to battle constantly. Gilgamesh also possesses super human strength and ability.

2. Describe Ekidnu's character.

Ekidnu is the opposite of Gilgamesh. Ekidnu is also part god and has supreme strength and ability. He is innocent and humble with no knowledge of the ways of man. He lives in the wilderness and is a friend to the animals.

3. What two things does Gilgamesh dream about and what does his mother say they mean?

Gilgamesh's first dream is about a meteorite that falls to earth. The second dream is of an axe that will be used to cut him. Gilgamesh's mother says that these dreams foreshadow a great helper who will come from the wilderness to be a companion for Gilgamesh.

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