Daily Lessons for Teaching The Epic of Gilgamesh

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Objective: Tablet 1 The tablet begins with a foreshadowing of Gilgamesh's great deeds. The object of this lesson is to discuss foreshadowing and why it is used.

1) Define foreshadowing for students. Have students find examples of foreshadowing in Tablet 1. Students can also be given other short stories that provide examples of foreshadowing.

2) Discuss with students the reasons an author uses foreshadowing. How does foreshadowing enhance the action of a story?

3) For homework. Have students write their own short story in which they use foreshadowing to hint at the events of the story. Students must be sure to follow through on the elements they foreshadow will happen.


Objective: Tablet 1 Gilgamesh is a great hero. Heroes are not always perfect and often have tragic flaws. The object of this lesson is to discuss what characteristics make a hero.

1) Students should brainstorm about some of the people or characters they...

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