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Gilgamesh Days

Have students spend time researching the culture of Gilgamesh's world. Stage a Gilgamesh Day in which students come dressed in clothes similar to those worn by Gilgamesh and the people of Uruk. Students can prepare traditional foods, engage in sporting events, and re-create a portion of the city of Uruk.

The Cedar Forest

Divide students into groups. Have one group work to create a scale model of the Cedar Forest. Have another create a forest gate. Have a third create a model Humbaba to place in the forest.

The Bull of Heaven

Have students construct models of the bull of heaven.

Battles of Gilgamesh

Work with students to plan a talent show type of exhibition for the rest of the school. Students can portray the various battles of Gilgamesh wearing costumes. Students can also work to design sets based on the descriptions in the story.

I am a god!

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