The Epic of Gilgamesh Character Descriptions

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Adad - The storm god who endows Gilgamesh with courage at his birth.

Antum - Wife of Anu, the sky god or god of the heavens, and mother of Ishtar.

Anu - God of the firmament, the patron god of Uruk, husband of Antun, and father of Ishtar.

Anunnaki - Gods of the underworld or the seven judges of hell. Their sacred dwellings are in the Forest of Cedars guarded by Humbaba.

Apsu - The fresh or sweet waters beneath the earth, governed by Ea.

Bull of Heaven - A legendary beast, the personification of seven years of drought unleashed upon Uruk by Ishtar in response to Gilgamesh's refusal to marry her.

Courtesan - The woman Gilgamesh sends back with the Trapper to pacify Enkidu. She initiates Enkidu into the ways of sex and culture, teaching him to eat, drink, and clothe himself.

Dilmun - The...

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