The Epic of Gilgamesh Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Tablet 1

• Gilgamesh is a great hero who accomplishes great deeds in his life.

• In his early years Gilgamesh rules his people unwisely and unfairly.

• The people of Uruk are tired of being oppressed and pray to the gods to bring salvation.

• In answer to the prayers of the people the gods create Enkidu.

• Enkidu is equal to Gilgamesh in strength but the opposite of him in character.

• Enkidu looses his strength when he spends a week with a woman. The woman also gives him knowledge of man.

• Gilgamesh has two dreams. In one dream he sees a meteorite, in the other he sees an axe.

• These portents signify the arrival of Enkidu who will be a companion for Gilgamesh.

Tablet 2

• Enkidu lives with the shepherds who teach him to talk, eat and live in civilized society.

• Enkidu protects the shepherds from animals and gives them peace.

• Gilgamesh and...

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