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Sonia Nazario
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4: "Gifts and Faith" - Chapter 5: "On the Border".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the mayor of San Pedro Taanatepec?
(a) Karla Yamileth Chavez.
(b) Carlos Carrasco.
(c) Guillermo Toledo Montes.
(d) Adan Diaz Ruiz.

2. María Isabel does not feel well, which causes her to do what?
(a) She has to go to the emergency room.
(b) She goes to the doctor.
(c) She quits school.
(d) She becomes very ill.

3. Because of police brutality toward migrants, the people of El Campesino El Mirador told the mayor of Nogales to do what?
(a) Leave his position.
(b) Charge his officers with a crime.
(c) Provide medical treatment to migrants.
(d) Keep his police out of their town.

4. How many families live in the hamlet of Las Anonas?
(a) 50.
(b) 75.
(c) 36.
(d) 100.

5. What happens to Santos?
(a) Santos stays home to help care for the baby.
(b) Santos marries Lourdes.
(c) Santos is deported to Honduras and is never heard from again.
(d) Santos moves across the United States.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the police do after they raid the cemetery?

2. Where does Enrique go to live after he leaves his grandmother's house?

3. Why is one reason the people of Chiapas ARE NOT fed up with Central American migrants?

4. In Chapter 4, why do migrants hope to cross this area during the day along this part of the journey?

5. Why does Diaz decide to help Enrique?

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