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Sonia Nazario
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4: "Gifts and Faith" - Chapter 5: "On the Border".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Enrique sleep after the doctor is finished with him?
(a) He sleeps in a villager's home.
(b) He sleeps on the concrete floor of the police command post.
(c) He sleeps under a tree.
(d) He sleeps at the doctor's house.

2. How does Enrique escape la migra?
(a) He climbs on top of a bicycle and jumps the wall.
(b) He beats up the officers and runs.
(c) He bribes them.
(d) He walks out the front door.

3. What is Marco Antonio Zablah's job?
(a) He is a money changer.
(b) He is a butcher.
(c) He is a policeman.
(d) He is a local politician.

4. How many estimated children enter the United States illegally without either parent?
(a) 5,000.
(b) 10,000.
(c) 48,000.
(d) 75,000.

5. Who are madrinas?
(a) They are men who threaten migrants with machetes.
(b) They are local priests.
(c) They are men who help migrants.
(d) They are migrants themselves

Short Answer Questions

1. In what border town do migrants usually try to cross the river?

2. Who does Mayor Carrasco ask for help?

3. How many attempts has Enrique made to get to the United States?

4. How many migrants did Díaz bury in the last 18 months?

5. What does Enrique decide he is going to do after he robs his family?

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