Objects & Places from Enrique's Journey

Sonia Nazario
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These modes of transportation represent danger and potential death in this book. They are employed in Enrique's journey across Mexico.


After crossing into America, Enrique struggles with resentment. This becomes an outlet for that resentment and also a struggle for Enrique and his family.


These objects represent the only means of communication between those immigrants who have gone to the U.S. and their families left behind.

The Rio Grande

This river is a major obstacle for immigrants crossing into the United States. In this book, its danger is highlighted on Enrique's journey.


These are a cause of constant pain for Enrique after the attack on him atop a train.


Enrique and his family come from a city in this country where jobs are scarce and poverty is prevalent.

Los Angeles

This is the city where Lourdes first lives after crossing into the...

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