Enrique's Journey Fun Activities

Sonia Nazario
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Create a Map

There are a list of places that are important on Enrique's Journey. Paint, draw, or create a map of these locations. Include information about why the location is important.


Make a list of seven songs to accompany the chapters of the book. To really challenge yourself, find the songs in Spanish.


Write a journal from María Isabel's point of view. From Enrique leaving, to the birth of their daughter, to her deciding to come to America, provide an account of María Isabel's perspective.

Love letters

Write a set of five love letters from Enrique to María Isabel. Detail their hopes their fears. Write a letter from Enrique, and include María Isabel's response.

Animal research

Enrique encounters several types of snakes and animals along his journey. Research five of these animals, and prepare a presentation to give to the class...

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