Enrique's Journey Character Descriptions

Sonia Nazario
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This individual is the central subject of the book. He is 17 when the narrative begins and leaves his native Honduras to seek out his mother in the U.S.


This individual is the mother of the book's central figure. She came to the United States when her son was five and worked in order to send her family money back home in Honduras.


This older sister of the main subject of the book stays behind in Honduras, finishes school, marries, and has a son.


This is the daughter of an illegal immigrant mother after her arrival in the U.S. She is the half-sibling of the story's main figure.

Maria Isabel

This individual is the main subject's girlfriend in Honduras. She eventually goes to the U.S. and sends for her daughter to be smuggled over six months later.

El Tirindaro

This "coyote" (smuggler) runs...

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