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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Hana use as a pawn?

2. What year does Kip work with his mentor and his secretary?

3. Where was the party held in which Almasy was drunk?

4. How many sappers stayed in Naples?

5. What profession does Kip eventually pursue?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Kip's relationship with Lord Suffolk like?

2. Describe how Katharine and the English patient fall in love.

3. What impact does the death of Lord Suffolk have on Kip? How does it affect his relationship with Hana?

4. How are Caravaggio and the English patient similar in their motivation for love in this chapter?

5. Why is Kip extremely upset in Chapter 10?

6. What occurs that leads to changes in the relationship between Kip and Caravaggio?

7. How does Hana resolve the issue of her father's death?

8. Why would the English patient need to be particularly careful around Geoffrey Clifton? What was significant about his character?

9. Explain how Madox dies and why this is significant.

10. How does Kip save another life from being lost after Lord Suffolk?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The title of Ondaatje's work, "The English Patient," seems straightforward yet indicates a particular significance about one character. In your opinion, why does Ondaatje choose this particular title for his work? What does this title signify? What does it tell readers about the story?

Essay Topic 2

Identify the concept of a tragic hero (or heroine). Describe one character in Ondaatje's book that you think can be described as a tragic hero, and explain what makes them fit the description. Why does Ondaatje decide to include this particular character in his book? What does he or she represent?

Essay Topic 3

There are several instances of irony in Ondaatje's book. Identify at least one of these instances and describe why Ondaatje may have used irony when describing this particular situation.

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