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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Caravaggio know Hana?
(a) Caravaggion is Hana's cousin.
(b) They dated in high school.
(c) Hana previously met Caravaggio in a hospital.
(d) He is a friend of her father's.

2. Which character appears in Chapter 5 in a flashback?
(a) Caravaggio.
(b) Katharine.
(c) Hana.
(d) Hana's father.

3. What does Kip do with his partner's body?
(a) Burns it.
(b) Throws it in the lake.
(c) Buries it.
(d) It is unclear.

4. Why does the English patient love the desert?
(a) It reminds him of his wife.
(b) He likes the heat.
(c) It is a place where people can be anonymous.
(d) He was born there.

5. What is foreshadowed in Chapter 5?
(a) The reconciliation between the English patient and Katharine.
(b) The birth of the English patient's child.
(c) The English patient talking more about Katharine and how their relationship ended.
(d) The English patient's death.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following describes the English patient's desert exploration?

2. How does Kip's partner die?

3. What injury has Caravaggio endured in the war?

4. Why do the English patient and his companions have to move during the night?

5. What does Kip find in the garden?

Short Essay Questions

1. What activities do Hana and the English patient do together?

2. Describe Kip and his fascination with religious symbols.

3. How does Chapter 5 foreshadow later events in the novel?

4. Why does Katharine decide to breaks off her affair with the English patient?

5. How does the entry of Geoffrey Clinton into the story change the plot?

6. What is Katharine's first reaction when she falls in love with the English patient?

7. Though the English patient's profession is not overtly given, what do you think he does for a living? Why?

8. How does the relationship between Hana and Kip foreshadow later events in the novel?

9. What is Hana's reaction to Caravaggio's arrival at the villa?

10. Describe the setting of Chapter 1.

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