The English Patient Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe how Hana and the English patient come to know each other.

Hana is a nurse with the allied forces who volunteers to stay behind with the English patient when all other patients were moved. Hana is the English patient's only caretaker and spends a considerable amount of time with him.

2. What activities do Hana and the English patient do together?

Hana and the English patient talk often about his experiences in the desert, and they read books together.

3. Though the English patient's profession is not overtly given, what do you think he does for a living? Why?

Presumably, the English patient is a pilot of a plane that crashed in the African desert. The narrator describes how the Bedouin tribe saw him crashing his plane and decided to care for him.

4. Describe the setting of Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 takes place in an old villa damaged by World War II. It has lots of holes in the walls and ceilings and the library is off-limits. The English patient spends most of his time in his bedroom, talking with Hana.

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