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Books - Hana uses these to try to communicate with the English patient.

Herodotus Book - The English patient has this with him when he is brought to the hospital.

Morphine - This is a great love of both the English patient and Caravaggio.

Land Mines - This is why Kip comes to Villa San Girolamo.

Letter for Clara - This is written as a symbol of Hana's desire to rejoin the world of the living.

Triumph Motorcycle - This is what Kip uses to leave the villa.

The Library - This is a place in the home in Tuscany where Hana, Kip, and Caravaggio spend a good deal of time.

Villa San Girolamo - This is where an allied hospital was temporarily housed and where Hana stayed with the English patient.

The Cave of the Swimmers - This is where Katharine hides after she is wounded...

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