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Pretend you are one of the main characters in this story, and write a journal entry about one of the major events.

Love Letter

Write a letter from Katharine to the English patient, explaining why she is breaking up with him, or write a letter from Hana to Kip, explaining her feelings for him.

Research Project

Briefly research what the sociological climate of Italy was like during World War II and summarize your findings in 10-15 bullet points.


Based on the narrator's description, draw a picture on posterboard of how you imagine the villa would look.

Author Research

Have students research Michael Ondaatje and ask them to write a short, one-page biography about him. Discuss how "The English Patient" fits into his greater body of work.

Letter from the Villa

Write a letter from a soldier in Italy in the 1940s to someone living in another...

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