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Essay Topic 1

What effect does World War II have on Ondaatje's novel? How does it add to the story? What impact does the war have on characters, and how might they be different had the story been set during a different time?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast the characters of the English patient and Caravaggio. How are their lives different? How are the characters the same?

Essay Topic 3

Identify at least three instances of foreshadowing in Ondaatje's novel. Why would Ondaatje include these instances? How would the story change if they had not been included?

Essay Topic 4

The villa is a significant part of Ondaatje's story. What does the wall symbolize? What similarities can you give between the wall and characters' qualities?

Essay Topic 5

How would you describe the development of the relationship between Hana and Kip? Why do you think Hana becomes so quickly attached to Kip...

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