The English Patient Character Descriptions

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Count Ladislaus de Almásy - This character was thought to be allied with the Germans and is captured by the English.

David Caravaggio - This Canadian is middle-aged and joins the war effort as a spy for the Allies in Italy.

Geoffrey Clifton - This character is an Englishman of high social standing and is killed when his plane crashes in the desert.

Katharine Clifton - This character has an intense interest in the desert and is mortally wounded in a plane crash.

The English Patient - This character's dialogue consists of hallucinatory monologues and has great historical and geographical knowledge.

Hana - This character is twenty years old, originally from Toronto, and is sent to Italy with the Canadian army as a nurse.

Hardy - This English character is a member of a regiment in Italy who is killed while attempting to defuse a bomb...

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