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Chapter 1, The Villa

• Hana, a nurse, is caring for the English patient, a man who has been badly burned.

• Hana volunteered to stay behind in the villa to care for the patient when all other patients and medical staff moved on.

• The English patient spends the days in bed, talking to Hana about how he burned in a plane crash in the desert.

• Hana also often reads to him from books in the library.
• The villa has been scarred from the war, with holes in the walls as well as other damage.

• The library is unsafe due to the threat of booby traps and land mines.

• Hana visits the library anyway.
• During her free time, Hana tends to the garden outdoors and investigates the many rooms in the villa.

• At night, she sleeps in a hammock in different bedrooms.

• The English patient has a book by Herodotus in...

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