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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Paul show his trust in Mac and the new firefighting strategy?
(a) He offers to delay reporting their status until the last moment in the evening.
(b) He offers to lie in his report.
(c) He offers to delay reporting their status until the last moment in the morning.
(d) He offers to "forget" to report.

2. Who goes into town to fetch the extra lunches?
(a) Jick.
(b) Velma.
(c) Stanley.
(d) Lisabeth.

3. Why is Jick not present when Alec returns home to say goodbye, before going off to war?
(a) Jick is on his first date with a girl.
(b) Jick hides because he does not want to see Alec.
(c) Jick is snowed in at a basketball tournament.
(d) Jick is in Gros Ventre, spending the night with Ray.

4. How does Jick compare his job to that of the firefighters?
(a) While Jick uses fire to cook food, the firefighters use food as fuel to fight fire.
(b) Their days stretch on as if weeks.
(c) As the fire has hunger for the forest, the firefighters have an epidemic of appetite.
(d) They are all physically exhausted.

5. Where does Jick seek shelter when an electrical storm blows up, on his way into town?
(a) The Reese Ranch.
(b) An abandoned cabin.
(c) Under a large outcropping of rock.
(d) The Double W Ranch.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Jick sent into town during haying season, after a night of rain?

2. Jick's hay crew spends their final days where?

3. After leaving Alec and the ranch, Jick shares what thought with Ray?

4. Who takes over the Reese Ranch when Pete decides to sell?

5. During haying season, who employs Jick?

Short Essay Questions

1. How, during haying season, does Jick find himself at the Double W Ranch with Alec?

2. What is the first breakfast Stanley and Jick prepare for the firefighters?

3. How does Jick describe the avalanche of fire that fills the gulch, and why is the event significant?

4. Shortly after the death of Mac, what big question does Lisabeth ask of Jick?

5. At the end of Part 3, what ominous announcement is made, and by whom?

6. Why is Cyrus better known by the nickname, "Wisdom?"

7. Briefly describe Pete's strategy in getting rid of the incompetent Good Help without firing him.

8. In the final scene of "English Creek," when Jick tells Stanley he's sorry about the way things went after the Phantom Woman fire, how does Stanley respond?

9. What, as revealed in Part 4, becomes of Jick's brother, Alec?

10. What is the cause of the past rift between Stanley and Mac, as revealed near the end of Part 3?

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