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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the Forest Service plan to cut costs at the beginning of fire season n 1939?
(a) Cancel scheduled seeding programs.
(b) Not assign fire guards unless things begin to burn.
(c) Allow smaller fires to burn themselves out.
(d) Reduce the number of forest rangers.

2. What firefighting strategy does Stanley offer to Mac, following his observations about the opposite slope?
(a) Using a fireline is the wrong strategy.
(b) The fireline should be established in the valley.
(c) Two firelines should be established.
(d) The fireline should be moved to the top of the opposing slope.

3. Who takes over the Reese Ranch when Pete decides to sell?
(a) Stanley.
(b) Ray.
(c) The Double W.
(d) Jick.

4. When Mac and Jick leave the scorched mountains, where do they stop to eat?
(a) The Double W Ranch.
(b) Sedgwick House.
(c) The Medicine Lodge Saloon.
(d) The Lunchery.

5. Why is Jick not present when Alec returns home to say goodbye, before going off to war?
(a) Jick hides because he does not want to see Alec.
(b) Jick is in Gros Ventre, spending the night with Ray.
(c) Jick is on his first date with a girl.
(d) Jick is snowed in at a basketball tournament.

6. What is Wisdom's job on the hay crew?
(a) Running the scatter rake.
(b) Stacker team driver.
(c) Stackman.
(d) Supervisor.

7. When Jick visits Ray after leaving the forest fire site, what is Ray doing?
(a) Talking with Marcella.
(b) Listening to the radio.
(c) Working at his father's store.
(d) Mowing his lawn.

8. Who does Marcella marry, after her first marriage fails?
(a) A lawyer from Missoula.
(b) Jick.
(c) Alec.
(d) Ray.

9. What is Wisdom's real name?
(a) Cyrus.
(b) Stanley.
(c) Dominic.
(d) Walter.

10. How does Paul show his trust in Mac and the new firefighting strategy?
(a) He offers to delay reporting their status until the last moment in the morning.
(b) He offers to delay reporting their status until the last moment in the evening.
(c) He offers to "forget" to report.
(d) He offers to lie in his report.

11. When Jick sees Leona years later, why does she say that time has cut her value?
(a) Her family has lost their fortune.
(b) She has never married.
(c) She no longer has her girlish figure.
(d) Her hair has changed from gold to silver.

12. Jick's hay crew spends their final days where?
(a) A sheep ranch.
(b) Alfalfa fields.
(c) Chopping trees at the edge of the Two.
(d) Camping and fishing at Flume Gulch.

13. What is Jick's final news of Alec?
(a) His plane crashed in the mountains near Germany.
(b) He was lost at sea.
(c) He was living in China.
(d) He was killed in a desert in Tunisia.

14. At the end of Part 3, what grave announcement is made?
(a) Alec is missing.
(b) A loved one has passed away.
(c) Another war has begun in Europe.
(d) Another forest fire is burning in the Two.

15. What is Jick's first meal after he leaves the scorched mountains?
(a) Fried fish.
(b) A ham sandwich.
(c) Oyster stew.
(d) Fried chicken.

Short Answer Questions

1. The night of Jick's first day at camp, in how many places does Mack say the fire has jumped their fireline?

2. Who is the mower on Jick's hay crew?

3. What is unusual about the paperwork Stanley submits for helping with the firefighting effort?

4. At Reese Ranch during haying season, what job is usually given to whichever Hebner boy happens to be twelve to fourteen years old?

5. On the morning when the new firefighting strategy is employed, by what time must Jick and Stanley evacuate?

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