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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through English Creek Part 1, Pages 36-102.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As described in Part 1, Alec is employed by whom?
(a) Wendell.
(b) Isaac.
(c) Mac.
(d) Dode.

2. How does Jick describe his father, regarding his relationship with the world?
(a) Between and between and between.
(b) Over and under and over.
(c) Strained.
(d) Betwixt and between and beyond.

3. How did Stanley's pack horse injure him?
(a) The horse kicked him in the leg.
(b) The horse kicked him in the hand.
(c) The horse bit him in the leg.
(d) The horse bit him in the hand.

4. After leaving Canada Dan, why does Stanley scold Jick when he starts to open the gate to a cabin?
(a) The cabin would be dangerous shelter in a storm, due to its tin roof.
(b) It's dangerous to touch a wire fence during an electrical storm.
(c) The gate has a sign that states, "No Trespassing."
(d) The owner of the cabin could have a weapon.

5. The morning after counting sheep with Dode, what does Mac do to anger Jick?
(a) He burns their breakfast.
(b) He mistakenly called Jick "Alec."
(c) He mistakenly called Jick "Dode."
(d) He treats Jick like a child.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mac and Jick's favorite spot in the National Forest?

2. Early in "English Creek," what task do Jick and his father set out to do?

3. As the novel begins, who is expected to attend college in the fall?

4. What section of the National Forest is still scarred from a fire in 1910, as described in Part 1?

5. Why did eighteen sheep in the care of Canada Dan die?

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