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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3 pages 308-320.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Garland Hebner is better known by what name?
(a) Slow Moving.
(b) Good Help.
(c) Good Time.
(d) Wisdom.

2. After mulling over his mother's wagon trip for a day, Jick leads his mother into discussing what topic?
(a) A dispute between Pete and Mac.
(b) Alec.
(c) Her courtship with Jick's father.
(d) Montana history.

3. What is Velma's responsibility at the rodeo?
(a) Entertainment.
(b) Security.
(c) Timekeeping.
(d) Food and beverage.

4. When Pete visits while Mac is away, what is the main topic of conversation during dinner?
(a) Pete's dislike of Mac.
(b) The upcoming haying season.
(c) Forest fires.
(d) Alec's summer plans.

5. What is Alec's special talent?
(a) Singing.
(b) Shearing sheep.
(c) Working with numbers.
(d) Preaching.

Short Answer Questions

1. At Reese Ranch during haying season, what job is usually given to whichever Hebner boy happens to be twelve to fourteen years old?

2. How is the landscape of the Two country often described?

3. Which character often warns others to look to the future rather than to the past?

4. Before the rodeo begins, what does Alec ask Jick to do?

5. The morning after counting sheep with Dode, what does Mac do to anger Jick?

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