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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, pages 278-308.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On Thursday while Mac is away, where does Isodor plan to go?
(a) To check on Walter's ranch.
(b) To join Mac in Missoula.
(c) To deliver supplies to fire lookouts.
(d) To join Mac in Butte.

2. At the end of Part 2, how does Jick describe his Fourth of July?
(a) A toupee of grass on a cranium of rock.
(b) An unsettled day.
(c) The end of summer and youth.
(d) A set of hours worth the price of the rest of the life.

3. How is the landscape of the Two country often described?
(a) A pair of womanly mountains.
(b) A toupee of grass on a cranium of rock.
(c) A paradise, twice as beautiful as it ought to be.
(d) Mountains squared off like a pair of dice.

4. What position does Jick take in the firefighting effort?
(a) Water carrier.
(b) Assistant to Mac.
(c) Assistant to Stanley.
(d) Fire lookout.

5. What dance does the substitute caller choose?
(a) The Lord of the Dance.
(b) The Dude and Belle.
(c) The Montana Four Square.
(d) The Two Medicine Two-Step.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Isodor?

2. What does Ray jokingly prescribe as a cure for Jick's faults?

3. On Club Day, who arrives to pick up Lisabeth?

4. During conversation on Thursday while Mac is away, how does Lisabeth describe Leona?

5. Who was Lisabeth's father?

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