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Two Medicine National Forest

This area, located in Northern Montana, contains three Forest Service districts.

English Creek

This is the district of the National Forest where Mac is the ranger, named after the body of water which runs along the southern base of it.

Gros Ventre

This is the town where Ray lives with his family.

Noon Creek

This area, once populated with cattle ranches, is now populated by only three ranches: the ranches of Dill Egan, Pete Reese and Wendell Williamson.

The Double W Ranch

This is the ranch where Alec has been working as a cowhand for the previous two summers.

The Reese Ranch

This ranch is the property of Pete, Jick's uncle.

Flume Gorge

This is the favorite fishing spot of Mac, Jick, and Alec.

Phantom Woman Mountain

This is the site of a terrible fire in 1919.

Roman Reef

This is a steep rock outcropping...

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