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Lesson 1 (from English Creek, Part 1, Pages 1-35)


English Creek, Part 1, Pages 1-35

"English Creek" begins with a dramatic episode that illustrates the dynamics of the McCaskill family. Fourteen-year-old Jick witnesses and describes the event, but does not participate because he is not yet perceived as an adult. Jick's brother, Alec, the instigator of the drama, is on the edge of adulthood and rebellion. Alec announces his plans to marry Leona and be a cowhand, rather than follow his parents' desire for him to go to college. Today's lesson examines the initial dramatic conflict in "English Creek" and what it reveals about the family dynamic of the four McCaskills.


1) Class Discussion: What is the conflict initiated by Alec early in Part 1 of "English Creek?" How does the author introduce this conflict? How might the characters resolve this conflict?

2) Small Group Discussion: As the McCaskills argue or debate about Alec's plan to marry Leona...

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