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Essay Topic 1

In the tradition of Twain, Doig uses colorful turns of phrase and slang to imbue his characters with personality. Compare and contrast the speech patterns of several characters in "English Creek." Explain what the characters' speech patterns reveal about their past, education level, and/or personality.

Essay Topic 2

The fishing exploits of the McCaskill males are mentioned frequently in the novel. Discuss the poignancy and symbolism of Mac's death, when he is found with nine fish on his stringer and one on his hook.

Essay Topic 3

Jick's coming of age in the summer of 1939 includes the rudiments of sexual awakening. Discuss his attitudes throughout the novel, involving Leona, Velma, Marcella, and his mother, with regard to his maturing attitudes toward girls and women.

Essay Topic 4

The Williamsons and the Double W Ranch are seen, throughout "English Creek," as symbolic of the evil of greed and excess...

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