English Creek Character Descriptions

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Jick McCaskill

This character is extremely contemplative and loves to think about the history behind people and places.


This character is the forest ranger of the English Creek District.

Alec McCaskill

This character's ability with numbers is discovered at the age of twelve.

Elsbeth Reese McCaskill

This character makes a speech to the crowd at the Fourth of July Picnic about the founding settler of English Creek.

Stanley Meixell

This character, an alcoholic, has more wisdom than his laid back demeanor, raspy voice, worn face, and general outsider appearance lead others to think.

Pete Reese

This character and his wife are childless, their only son having died at birth.

Dode Withrow

This character has a fight once a year with his wife, gets kicked out and gets drunk, but, within forty-eight hours, it all blows over.

Toussaint Rennie

This character, the unofficial area historian, has a mix...

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