Enemy of God: A Novel of Arthur Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Derfel believe will happen on Samain Eve?

Derfel believes that on Samain Eve the curtain that separates the living and the dead will vanish. The dead will cross the bridge of swords. They will come from the Otherworld to this world, unseen. The dead will only be shadows in the darkness or whispers of the wind, but they will come.

2. What does Bishop Sansum believe about Samain Eve?

Bishop Sansum does not believe that the dead will come on Samain Eve. He believes that the dead lie in their cold graves and wait for the coming of Jesus Christ. He says it is all right to remember the dead and pray for their souls, but their bodies are gone and they do not trouble the living on Samain Eve.

3. What is left for the dead on Samain Eve?

On Samain Eve, gifts are left for the dead to deter them from working mischief. Derfel leaves a cup of mead and piece of salmon beside the kitchen ashes. Bishop Sansum, though he pretends it is a mistake, leaves a loaf of bread and a pitcher of water.

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