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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4: The Mysteries of Isis, pgs. 334-394.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who finds Derfel while he is sleeping watching the Sea Palace?
(a) One of Lancelot's guards.
(b) Gwenhwyvach.
(c) Gwydre.
(d) Guinevere.

2. Where does Lancelot move Siluria's government?
(a) To Dunum.
(b) To Magnis.
(c) To Lloegyr.
(d) To Isca.

3. Over what shrine is Bishop Sansum guardian?
(a) Holy Church.
(b) Holy Shroud.
(c) Holy Cross.
(d) Holy Thorn.

4. Where is Derfel injured in the battle with the Saxons?
(a) On his left arm.
(b) In the shoulder.
(c) In the thigh.
(d) In the back.

5. What was Derfel's name when he was a child and living with his mother?
(a) Wygga.
(b) Beaudurinc.
(c) Ansgar.
(d) Dreng.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many men are bivouacked beside the River Churn in Corinium?

2. How many children does Sagramor have with Malla?

3. How many of Derfel's men stay as part of Cuneglas's palace guard when he goes to meet Arthur in the spring?

4. How many spearman does Arthur say will have to be kept on the border with Kernow until the matter with Tristan and Iseult is settled?

5. How many days does it take for Merlin and his group to reach Caer Gei?

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