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The Cauldron of Clyddno Eiddyn

This is one of Britain's greatest treasures that disappeared 500 years before the events in the novel.

Cwm Isaf

This is a farm with a small three-room stone house with a thick thatched roof surrounded by fields of apple trees and the huts of 20 men and their families.


This is the monastery in Powys where the events in the novel are being written down for the monastery's patroness.


This is the main kingdom on the peninsula in modern-day southwest England, and where the Romans built roads, forts, towns, and villas.

Ermid's Hall

This is a fortress where the narrator and his partner move after being evicted.


This is a kingdom that lies southeast of Powys and is ruled by Christian kings.


This is the claw-like tip of the peninsula that separates the Western Seas from the English Channel.



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