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The Cauldron of Clyddno Eiddyn - This is one of Britain's greatest treasures that disappeared 500 years before the events in the novel.

Cwm Isaf - This is a farm with a small three-room stone house with a thick thatched roof surrounded by fields of apple trees and the huts of 20 men and their families.

Dinnewrac - This is the monastery in Powys where the events in the novel are being written down for the monastery's patroness.

Dumnonia - This is the main kingdom on the peninsula in modern-day southwest England, and where the Romans built roads, forts, towns, and villas.

Ermid's Hall - This is a fortress where the narrator and his partner move after being evicted.

Gwent - This is a kingdom that lies southeast of Powys and is ruled by Christian kings.

Kernow - This is the claw-like tip of the peninsula that separates the...

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