Enemy of God: A Novel of Arthur Fun Activities

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Learn about Samain Eve, the new year, and prepare a written or oral report about the traditions associated with the day.

Dear Mr. Cornwell

Write a letter or e-mail to the author telling him what you liked or did not like about the book.

A Book by Cornwell

Read another book written by Bernard Cornwell.

Sea Palace

Create a model of the Sea Palace.

Map It

On a modern map of England, show where some of the events take place in the novel.

The Thirteen Treasures

Compare the 13 treasures of Britain mentioned in "Enemy of God" with lists of the thirteen tales found in Welch legends. Write a brief summary of what you learn.

Burial Mound

Create a diorama of an Old People's burial mound.


Make a replica of a sword that is mentioned in the novel.

Character Sketch

Use a graphic organizer to create a...

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