Enemy of God: A Novel of Arthur Character Descriptions

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Derfel Cadarn

This character is a Saxon who was captured in a raid in old age, has only one arm, and becomes a Christian monk.


This character is about 30 and clean shaven at the beginning of the novel, is a good fighter with a special sword, prefers peace, does not approve of the killing of the Christians, and breaks off an engagement to marry another.


This character is a princess nicknamed Star who is betrothed several times but never marries only living with her lover to whom she bears five children.

Merlin of Avalon

This character is the chief Druid who has spent his life gathering the lost Treasures of Britain in order to restore Britain to its rightful gods.

Aelle and Cerdic

These characters are rival kings over the Saxons who constantly invade eastern Britain.

Ailleann, Amhar, and Loholt

These characters are a mother and...

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