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Part 1: The Dark Road, pgs. 1-55

• The story begins on the Druid New Year's Eve with an aged Christian monk, Derfel Cadran, writing about the days he spent with Arthur.

• At Queen Igraine's request, Derfel writes about Arthur, a project that must be kept secret from the monastery bishop.

• Derfel writes how he and Arthur strolled among the dead at Lugg Vale while Arthur decided Britain's political fate.

• Lancelot, Derfel's enemy, would become King of Siluria and marry Princess Ceinwyn of Powys, Derfel's love.

• Derfel does not comment on these plans but requests to join Chief Druid Merlin's quest for the Cauldron of Clyddno Eiddyn, Britain's greatest treasure.

• Arthur does not believe the treasure still exists and cannot spare Derfel in the final battles against the Saxons.
• Representing Dumnonia, Derfel attends the late King of Powys' cremation and King Cuneglas' acclamation.

• Cuneglas's sister, Ceinwyn, will cement an alliance...

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