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Alfred Lansing
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About how wide are the boats?
(a) Six feet
(b) Fifteen feet
(c) Two feet
(d) Ten feet

2. Which boat is towed by another?
(a) Willard Leeds
(b) Dudley Docker
(c) Stancomb Wills
(d) James Caird

3. What day do the men land again on South Georgia Island?
(a) February 15, 1912
(b) May 10, 1916
(c) August 21, 1916
(d) October 27, 1912

4. Shackleton and his men suffer from what?
(a) Influenza
(b) Ringworm
(c) Tropical fever
(d) Trench foot

5. Where do the men spend the first night?
(a) On an ice floe
(b) In the boats
(c) On a pressure ridge
(d) On a small piece of land

6. How many boats do the men travel in?
(a) One
(b) Two
(c) Three
(d) Five

7. About 250 miles from South Georgia Island, a rogue wave breaks what?
(a) The compass
(b) Vincent's arm
(c) The water jug
(d) The rudder

8. What is the most dreaded bit of ocean on the planet?
(a) Panama Canel
(b) Drake Passage
(c) Cape of Good Hope
(d) Berring Sea

9. As the men approach the island, what are the wind speeds?
(a) 100 miles an hour
(b) 70 miles an hour
(c) 25 miles an hour
(d) 5 miles an hour

10. How far does the boat travel in the first six days?
(a) 104 miles
(b) 238 miles
(c) 60 miles
(d) 547 miles

11. With what boat do the men attempt their escape?
(a) James Caird
(b) Dudley Docker
(c) Willard Daniels
(d) Stancomb Willis

12. From where do the men get fresh water?
(a) By collecting rainwater
(b) A small stream by the beach
(c) A waterfall down one of the cliffs
(d) A glacier

13. What surrounds the beach on the island?
(a) Vertical cliffs
(b) Jungle
(c) Ice floes
(d) Rivers

14. What date is assigned as an improbable return date for Shackleton?
(a) Mid December
(b) Late May
(c) Mid July
(d) Early October

15. On what day do Shackleton and the five men depart?
(a) June 16
(b) September 5
(c) April 24
(d) November 30

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the men lack in the boats that causes problems?

2. Whose navigational skills does Shackleton have to trust in?

3. What almost overturns the boats when they are first launched?

4. About how long are the boats?

5. Why is Elephant Island named what it is?

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