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Alfred Lansing
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far do Shackleton and the men have to travel in the boat to reach their chosen destination for rescue?
(a) 800 miles
(b) 100 miles
(c) 1300 miles
(d) 500 miles

2. Which boat gets separated from the others?
(a) Willard Leeds
(b) Dudley Docker
(c) Stancomb Wills
(d) James Caird

3. How fast does the crew estimate their speed to be through the Drake Passage?
(a) Two knots
(b) Ten knots
(c) Five knots
(d) 16 knots

4. Which crew member refuses to work?
(a) Blackboro
(b) Orde-Lees
(c) Macon
(d) Wesley

5. What almost overturns the boats when they are first launched?
(a) A leopard seal
(b) A whale
(c) A pressure ridge
(d) A tide rip

6. How far do the men have to row to get to the island?
(a) Fifteen miles
(b) Twenty miles
(c) Seven miles
(d) Two miles

7. What word best describes the conditions in the hut?
(a) Sanitary
(b) Warm
(c) Dry
(d) Smelly

8. What do the men use as a base for their crude hut?
(a) Driftwood
(b) Beach sand
(c) Branches
(d) Rocks

9. The famous Cape Horn Rollers can get how high?
(a) Ten feet
(b) Ninety feet
(c) One hundred fifty feet
(d) Twenty feet

10. What do the men see when the fog lifts?
(a) A large ice floe
(b) Land
(c) A whale
(d) A glacier

11. The men are sailing west, but in what direction do they find themselves going?
(a) South
(b) North
(c) Northwest
(d) East

12. How long do the men decide that the normal watches will be?
(a) Eight hours
(b) One hour
(c) Four hours
(d) Twelve hours

13. Who is the first person on shore?
(a) Blackboro
(b) Leeds
(c) Wesley
(d) Shackleton

14. What is the camp on Elephant Island known as?
(a) Ocean Camp II
(b) Wild Camp
(c) Stranded Camp
(d) Rocky Camp

15. What does Shackleton decide to do once the new camp is established?
(a) Try to reach South America in the boats
(b) Take some men in one of the boats and try to get to civilization
(c) Wait for rescue
(d) Build a signal fire

Short Answer Questions

1. By late August, how do the men feel about their chance of rescue?

2. What happens to Blackboro?

3. About 250 miles from South Georgia Island, a rogue wave breaks what?

4. What do the men wrap around the hut to keep it warmer?

5. In the boats, the men suffer from what?

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