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Alfred Lansing
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the name of Shackleton's sailing vessel?
(a) Endurance
(b) Corriene
(c) Nina
(d) Dover

2. Mortgaging the expedition means what?
(a) Selling in advance the rights to whatever commercial exploitation the expedition might produce
(b) Putting the expedition into debt by buying supplies
(c) Agreeing to pay back the amount loaned or the ship could be repossessed
(d) Putting up the ship and supplies as collatoral

3. What causes clashes in the camp?
(a) The lack of food
(b) The various personalities
(c) Whether to stay on the ice floe or not
(d) The progress the men make with the sledges

4. What does the crew do during the months they are trapped?
(a) Work on routine tasks
(b) Hold dances
(c) Carve wooden swords
(d) Swim in the ocean

5. The Endurance is designed to sail with what?
(a) Strong winds
(b) Sleet
(c) Ice
(d) Fog

Short Answer Questions

1. Which boat is left behind when the men try sledging?

2. How old is Shackleton at the start of the third voyage?

3. What personal items are salvaged after the first sledging attempt?

4. What quality best describes the men that Shackleton choose for his expedition?

5. Who works on the ship's three boats?

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