Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage Fun Activities

Alfred Lansing
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Create an expedition newspaper with students. Choose a particular time period, such as in Ocean Camp or on Elephant Island, and have students contribute articles from the men's point of view. Several "editions" can be put out showing the timeline of the events.

What would you take?

Give students a list of items that would have commonly been aboard ships at this time. In groups, have the students narrow down the choices to the top 10 items that they would want with them if they had to abandon ship.

Expedition Game

Keeping in mind what the crew had available. Have students create new games that the men could have played to keep themselves entertained while on the ice floe or on Elephant Island. Have students outline the rules of the game.

Endurance Play

Have students write a play about one or more of the dramatic events in the...

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