Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Alfred Lansing
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Part I

• Shackleton mounts an expedition to the South Pole. He spends 1911-1913 gaining funds for the expedition.
• He purchases a ship, which he calls the Endurance.
• There are many volunteers for the expedition. Many of the men that Shackleton chooses are those with whom he had previous polar experience.
• Shackleton first sails for Buenos Aires for final provisioning. After that, the ship sails for South Georgia Island. There, Shackleton is advised that the Weddell Sea has more ice that normal.
• The Endurance becomes trapped in the pack ice in the Weddell Sea. Over the next few weeks, the ice shifts and begins to damage the Endurance. The men abandon ship in October.

Part II

• After they abandon the ship, the men move to a nearby ice floe. They salvage as much as they can from the Endurance.
• The men set off with the sledges, hoping to reach...

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