Ender's Shadow Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where does Poke live and how does she meet Bean?

Many children live in poverty on the streets of Rotterdam. Poke is one of them and is only nine years old. She heads a crew, which is a gang of children around her age. She sees a skinny child who has climbed atop a garbage can and looks to be only two years old. She tells him that he is not worth a bean, and that becomes his name: Bean.

2. What does Poke do with Bean, and what does he suggest to her?

Poke allows Bean into her crew, and Bean suggests that they intimidate an older street kid, Achilles, into protecting her crew. The plan works, although Bean has second thoughts that perhaps the crew should have killed Achilles.

3. How does Achilles help the younger children of Poke's crew get more to eat?

Achilles helps the younger children of Poke's crew get in line at a soup kitchen in Chapter 2. The problem had been that the older kids, known as bullies, would never let the younger children in line. The situation was survival of the fittest. Achilles picks a fight with one of the other bullies, and although Achilles has a crippled leg, he wins the fight.

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