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This is a city in the Netherlands where Bean first appears in the story.

Helga's Kitchen

This is where Poke's crew gains access to after Bean talks Poke into forcefully enlisting Achilles' help.

International Fleet

This is the military organization that runs the Battle School and all other schools for training commanders in the upcoming final battle with the Buggers.

Battle School

This is the first training institution that Bean goes to and where he meets Ender.

Ventilation System

Bean uses this in the Battle School to move around unobserved and spy on the teachers and students.

Command School

This is located within an asteroid that had once been a Bugger base.

Battle Room

This is a zero-gravity room where Bean and Ender fight practice battles with other students.

Flash Suit

This is what all students in the battle room wear.


This is a communication device...

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