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Essay Topic 1

When Poke finds Bean on the streets she takes him into her crew. He shows the crew how to work together to get their needs met.

Discuss the ways in which Bean changes the lives of Poke’s crew.

Essay Topic 2

Bean’s DNA has been manipulated to make him possibly the smartest person on earth.

Discuss the ways in which Bean’s life has been affected by the genetic work done on him.

Essay Topic 3

Bean sees Achilles kiss Poke and then later she is found dead. Bean knows that Achilles killed her.

Why do you think Achilles kills Poke, and what is some of the foreshadowing before it happens that may have led a reader to suspect it was going to happen? Use examples from Ender’s Shadow to support your response.

Essay Topic 4

Buggers and humans live in very different societies.

Discuss the...

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