Ender's Shadow Character Descriptions

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Bean (Julian Delphinki)

This character looks years younger than his actual age of six or seven at the beginning of the novel.

Andrew (Ender) Wiggin

This character is the chosen leader for the battle to defeat the Buggers.

Sister Carlotta

This character takes Bean off the streets of Rotterdam and prepares him for Battle School.

Nikolai Delphiki

This character becomes Bean's closest friend in Battle School and helps Bean to adjust to the School.

Colonel Graff

This character runs Battle School and confronts Bean about how inside information comes Bean's way.

Formics (Buggers)

These are the insect creatures that threaten the destruction of the human species.


This character is the older boy that Poke forces to protect her crew, including Bean.

Bonzo Madrid

This character hates Ender and tries to beat him, and Ender kills this character.

Petra Arkanian

This character is the first advanced student in...

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