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Chapters 1-4

• Poke, a nine year old girl, lives on the streets of Rotterdam and heads a gang of children around her age. She sees a child who looks about two climb a garbage can.

• She names him Bean and he becomes a member of her crew. Bean suggests they intimidate Achilles, an older child, into protecting the crew.

• The plan works but Bean has second thoughts and thinks maybe they should have killed Achilles.

• In Chapter 2, Achilles helps the younger children get into a line at a soup kitchen. Before the older children would not let them in the line. The situation is the survival of the fittest.

• Achilles picks a fight with an older kid and even though Achilles has a crippled leg, he wins. The kitchen adults misinterpret the fight.

• Bean blames the injuries of the fallen bully on a truck and enlists the aid...

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