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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does NOT happen to Sarah while she is out walking late at night?

2. Who did Sarah ask to see on her death bed?

3. How does Smythe characterize Biblical stories?

4. In Parkis' opinion, how do judges view private investigators?

5. What does Sarah buy that embarrasses her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The inscription at the beginning of the novel is a quote by Leon Bloy which reads "Man has places in his heart which do not yet exist, and into them enters suffering in order that they may have existence."

Discuss the significance of this quote in reference to the novel. How does it fit (or not fit) the novel? Why do you think Graham Greene chose this quote?

Cite several specific examples from the novel to support your ideas.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout The End of the Affair, Graham Greene juxtaposes scenes from the past with the narrator's present life. Select one of the chapters where he does this and:

1) Describe the past and present scenes presented in the chapter

2) Discuss the relationship between the two scenes. What do the two scenes have to do with each other? Why does Greene choose to place these two scenes from different time periods within the same chapter?

Essay Topic 3

Bendrix begins the novel by telling his audience it is a "record of hate." Write an essay:

1) arguing whether or not this statement is true

2) demonstrating the ways that the narrator proves (or disproves) his claim.

Cite several specific examples from the novel to support your ideas.

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