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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Smythe first tell Bendrix cured him of his skin ailment?
(a) An operation.
(b) Electricity.
(c) Urticaria.
(d) Sarah's kiss.

2. What happens to Sarah while she is sitting in the church with Bendrix?
(a) She falls asleep.
(b) She becomes much sicker.
(c) She begins weeping.
(d) She begins to believe in God.

3. What excuse does Sylvia offer to give Waterbury for breaking their date?
(a) Bendrix needs her support.
(b) She is having dinner with Bendrix.
(c) She has become ill.
(d) Her mother is ill.

4. Why does Richard Smythe ask Sarah to never visit him again?
(a) She criticizes him.
(b) She refuses to give up Christianity.
(c) She rejects his marriage proposal.
(d) She is not making progress learning Rationalism.

5. At the beginning of this chapter, who is at Henry's house when Bendrix arrives?
(a) Lance.
(b) Parkis.
(c) Sir William Mallock.
(d) Father Compton.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sarah go to the Portrait Gallery after lunch with Bendrix?

2. Who does Sarah kiss while touring the shelters at Bigwell-on-Sea?

3. Why does Father Compton believe Sarah should have a Catholic burial?

4. How does Bendrix characterize information that Sarah was baptized a Catholic?

5. Where does Bendrix suggest he and Sarah go away to when she leaves Henry?

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