The End of the Affair Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Compare and contrast Henry's study and Sarah's living room

Henry's study is very orderly and neat. Everything in it matches, but nothing looks like it is ever used. It is visually appealing, but cold and not functional. Sarah's living room on the other hand has mismatched, worn furniture in it. It isn't as orderly as Henry's study, but demonstrates that it is used and is a place where life occurs.

2. Describe Mr. Savage

Mr. Savage is the private investigator that Bendrix meets with for Henry. He is "less objectionable" than the average P.I., but Bendrix is still put off by him. He is a part of a world Bendrix has no experience with; he wears a club tie and uses a secret handshake. He is calm and asks guiding questions which Bendrix finds infuriating.

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