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Objective: In these first chapters, Greene begins to characterize the three main characters. The objective of this lesson is to examine the initial characterization of Bendrix, Henry and Sarah and to consider the bias of the narrator (Bendrix).

1) Review the concept of first person narration and its accompanying bias (if necessary).
2) Divide students into small groups. Ask each group to create a visual representation of the three major characters (Bendrix, Henry, Sarah) as they are presented in these first two chapters. Remind them to use information from the chapters to create their representations. Have each group share their creations.
3) Class discussion: Which character was the easiest to create a visual representation of? Why? Which was the hardest? Why? Who do you have the most sympathy for so far? Why? What character are you most drawn to? Why? How is our view of the characters influenced by Bendrix...

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