The End of the Affair Character Descriptions

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Maurice Bendrix - This character is the story's narrator. He is an unreliable narrator and a selfish, immature, insensitive, and cynical man. This character is a moderately successful writer.

Henry Miles - Bendrix originally wanted to research this character's life as a civil servant for a book he was writing, but the book was never finished. This character is oblivious to his wife's affair until she is investigated by a private detective.

Sarah Miles - This character is a person of pleasure and selfishness until she has a traumatic experience during which she vows to God that she will be virtuous if He will save Bendrix.

Lance Parkis - Because his father involves him in detective work, this character is a suitable actor to pretend to be Bendrix's son.

Mr. Parkis - This character is hired by Bendrix to discover whether Sarah is having an affair...

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