The End of the Affair Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Book 1, Chapter 1 | Book 1, Chapter 2

• Writer Bendrix has a drink with a former friend, Henry, where Henry expresses concerns about his wife's fidelity.

• Bendrix offers to visit a private investigator for Henry.

• Henry's wife Sarah arrives home.

• Bendrix's dreams of Sarah distract him from his work.

• Bendrix hires Mr. Savage to follow and investigate Sarah.

Book 1, Chapter 3 | Book 1, Chapter 4

• Bendrix recalls first meeting Sarah and being touched by her beauty and kindness.

• Bendrix returns a phone call to Sarah. She asks him to have lunch with her the next day.

• Bendrix initially schedules the lunch date for later in the week, but then quickly calls Sarah back to move it to the next day.

Book 1, Chapter 5 | Book 1, Chapter 6

• Sarah arrives late at her lunch date with Bendrix.

• During lunch Sarah tells Bendrix she is concerned about Henry because he has been acting strangely. She asks Bendrix to keep an...

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