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Short Answer Questions

1. What constellation did Katerina refer to?

2. What happened to Esther that scared her?

3. What had Yaga deliberately left out of the salve?

4. What was in Katerina's gesture when she touched him?

5. What was Yaga's real disappointment?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Nadya hesitant to show the Princess' hoose to her son and Father Lukas?

2. How did Katerina react when Ivan said the witch's name?

3. How does Ivan justify his wearing the princess' hoose?

4. Why did Vanya finally decide to let the Mohel circumcise him?

5. What issue did Ivan have once he had hit the bear?

6. What was Ivan's excuse for not writing home?

7. What did Baba Yaga wish to gain from Bear?

8. What does Ivan realize is the death knell for Taina?

9. How did Ivan's parents' sacrifice weigh heavily on his mind? How did this affect the way he led his life?

10. What does rock and roll represent to Vanya's father?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the differing opinions of things from Katerina and Ivan's time. Explain how, as a being of both time frames, Marek aka Mozhaiski is a good intermediary to explain how things work.

Essay Topic 2

Utilizing modern feminism, condemn Katerina's attitude towards a husband's rights to her body and her actions, as well as her culture.

Essay Topic 3

Compare the culture of Taina to places where such cultural considerations are still practiced and present. Explain what limitations would need to be in place for such a culture to survive in the modern world, and what limitations are actually in place to ensure this survival.

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