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Short Answer Questions

1. What had Vanya figured had happened?

2. What was the bear to Yaga?

3. Why did Yaga take pains to sever the eye at the back of the optic nerve?

4. What does Ivan ask Brother Sergei to do?

5. Which limb did the bear take out?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what ways was the young man that had rescued the princess not what Yaga had suspected?

2. Why couldn't Yaga simply kill the girl and take over the kingdom?

3. How did Ivan justify what he had seen and heard in the forest as a child?

4. What bothered Ivan about his relationship with his father and why?

5. What does Ivan need to do in order to go home?

6. How did Katerina react when Ivan said the witch's name?

7. Why did Vanya finally decide to let the Mohel circumcise him?

8. For what reasons did Ivan resent Princess Katerina?

9. Why was it unrealistic that Vanya was imagining Abraham in the forest and countryside? Why didn't this stop him from his fantasy?

10. What did Vanya's parents fear? What did they decide to do about it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

From Sergei's perspective, the reader learns that most of the fairy tales were used to scare children. Discuss why this is no longer practiced as a matter of cause in modern times, and the resources available to disprove such scare tactics, and make the argument for whether or not the world is more or less frightening for children.

Essay Topic 2

Although Ivan and Katerina are convinced that Yaga can only take over people that have some hidden desire for betrayal in their heart, Ivan was taken over himself, though he loved Katerina. Suggest some reasons for this.

Essay Topic 3

Ivan explains to his son how they can't bring certain medicines back from their time to the time of Taina. Discuss not only Ivan's rationale for this, but also other potential ramifications of medicines being created in the early 900's. Explain the kinds of impacts that would have, and the ripple effect of the introduction of modern medicine to an ancient people.

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