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Short Answer Questions

1. Which limb did the bear take out?

2. Why does Brother Sergei believe that Ivan is already a Christian?

3. What didn't Ivan do that he had been expected to?

4. What did the merchant beg for?

5. What does Ivan's mother pretend to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Baba Yaga wish to gain from Bear?

2. Why couldn't Yaga simply kill the girl and take over the kingdom?

3. How did Ivan justify what he had seen and heard in the forest as a child?

4. How did Ivan solve the problem of the bear?

5. What does rock and roll represent to Vanya's father?

6. What happened to Esther when Ivan rescued the princess Katerina?

7. What bothered Ivan about his relationship with his father and why?

8. How did Ivan's relationship with his mother differ from his relationship with his father?

9. How does Ivan justify his wearing the princess' hoose?

10. What does Ivan realize is the death knell for Taina?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the influences at work that finally allowed Katerina and Ivan to resolve their differences and realize that they loved each other. Explain what kinds of things stood in their way and what comments, situations and influences encouraged their love to grow.

Essay Topic 2

Utilizing modern feminism, condemn Katerina's attitude towards a husband's rights to her body and her actions, as well as her culture.

Essay Topic 3

Bear doesn't immediately go after Yaga, despite all that she had put him through. Suggest reasons for this, and for the rationale that Yaga has that Bear might come back. Explain the rationale behind each reason.

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