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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Ivan remember about bears in fairy tales?

2. What do his classmates call Vanya?

3. What had it taken a long time to get out of the house?

4. What was a stupid thing to say as he departed from Ruth?

5. What does Ivan ask Brother Sergei to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what ways was the young man that had rescued the princess not what Yaga had suspected?

2. What was Ivan's excuse for not writing home?

3. How did Father Lukas die?

4. What did Baba Yaga wish to gain from Bear?

5. Why is Ivan troubled with continuing and finishing the last few touches of his dissertation?

6. Why did Mikola not write down his spells, despite the fact that he had thought about doing so?

7. What was Yaga supposed to have felt, but didn't?

8. What was the difference in the way cousin Marek and Ivan had gained their muscles and toned bodies?

9. What was Katerina's justification for their treatment and purchase of slaves?

10. How did Ivan's relationship with his mother differ from his relationship with his father?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Compare Ivan and Katerina's perspective regarding both sex and marriage. Explain how their cultures shape their perspectives, and the influence of those cultures on their actions regarding marriage and the dynamics within it.

Essay Topic 2

Katerina and Ivan's problem regarding the bridges and their mortality is valid. In essay form, discuss the argument they had about the bridges and some problems that their children might have in either world as a result of having been children of both.

Essay Topic 3

Although Ivan and Katerina are convinced that Yaga can only take over people that have some hidden desire for betrayal in their heart, Ivan was taken over himself, though he loved Katerina. Suggest some reasons for this.

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